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Her multidisciplinary visual work is informed by the past, reimagined in the framework of the evolving notions of technology, intimacy and cross-generational narratives. How can he introduce it to her? How can they get better at communicating about the tough stuff? Ready to pre-order my boundaries workshop? And Patreon supporters - Roan and I talk about cis men who get off on trans woman porn and what the politics of our fantasies can mean. There are a lot of words I can't say in English. Men det är väl sant att det inte finns något universellt ord som alltid funkar att översätta backe till.

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Can you tell me any Swedish words that don't exist in English?

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Sex Gets Real 173: Trans identity, bisexual erasure, & trans porn with Riley J Dennis

Plus, she experiences lots of vaginal pain and doesn't know that she'll ever be able to have intercourse. I'm in China on vacation, so this week we are replaying a popular episode from the past. Untranslatable Swedish words self. So, this episode is us geeking out about sexual liberation, tolerating touch in relationships, the importance of pleasure activism if we want to experience real change, the Bill Cosby verdict, what transformative and patient-centered gynecology can look like, and holy shit - so much more. Click here and it's anonymous. Artemis is a trans woman Domme who loves being penetrated, but her submissive just doesn't like doing the penetration because it doesn't feel submissive.

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